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About our PPG

Earnswood’s PPG is made up of patients at the practice who have joined the group on a voluntary basis. We usually meet with representatives from the practice every two months, to discuss practice issues and patient experience, with the aim of helping to improve the service.

All patients are eligible to become a volunteer member of the PPG.

All PPGs evolve to meet local needs and are unique to their practice. Our committed members work hard to engage with the practice on behalf of all patients. We are keen to recruit more of the following to help make our PPG more representative of our practice population -To help make our PPG representative of the Practice demographic we are keen to have members who could represent, for example –

  • People with long-term conditions
  • Working age people
  • People whose circumstances make them vulnerable
  • Minority Ethnic Groups
  • People who may be experiencing poor mental health
  • Parents or carers
  • Young people
  • Or perhaps, patients who wish to represent members of any of these groups and express their opinions for them

Chaired by David, meetings aim to be positive and constructive, with an emphasis on building a two-way relationship between patients and the practice.

The following e-mail address is not monitored by the Practice. It is NOT for medical matters or for professional communication of patient information and should only be used to contact the PPG.

PPG meetings

Next meeting: Wednesday 10th May at 11:30am