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Free Online Mental Health Support

Residents of South Cheshire can now access free online mental health support.

big white wall mental health support

People, aged 16 +, living in South Cheshire who are going through a tough time or struggling with mental health issues and require some much needed support, can now access a free online mental health support tool.

Big White Wall is a safe, anonymous online community of people who can help each other as well as having the benefit of trained professionals who ensure the safety and anonymity of all members. It also hosts a range of wellbeing tools to help with self-management.

70% of members reported feeling better as a result of joining Big White Wall, and 46% shared something for the first time with the community.

If you think Big White Wall can help you, simply go to and enter your postcode.

Date published: 7th April, 2021
Date last updated: 7th April, 2021